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Andres De Gres

Hi y’al!

I’m Andres, Personal Trainer as background and Promotor of Herbalife International. So what I’m doing here on Men-ual? Motivating you and showing how mind and body are an important combo to keep you going. I’ll write about 3 main things : Sports, Nutrition and Lifestyle.

Why I am passionated about these three core aspects of life? Simple; they control it.  We all think that waking up, go to work and spend time with our friends, is normal. But what if you wake up tomorrow and you’re not healthy anymore? What if tomorrow brings a lot of challenges? It’s something which never comes to our minds. How many wishes would you have, when you wake up unhealthy? One. One wish, to become healthy again. And this is why being healthy and sporting enough are necessary life fundamentals!

Keep in mind: Quitters never win, winners never quit

(But hey, Sundays are for cheating.)




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