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Street Casual

Last week, I went shooting with Ascari (aka Homme Sauvage on IG). I wasn’t supposed to write a post about it, but I needed to show you the results. We were lucky that day. Five minutes after capturing the latest shots, a tropical rain started flooding the streets of Antwerp. (Like, literally firemen were pumping away the water)

Ok, enough about my day. Due to the many hours of `Youtube-experience’ that Ascari gained, our photos were taken at speed of light. Because of the warm weather, I was able to wear my ripped ankle denim again. It was  paired up with some green garments like a stripped shirt and Ultraboost sneakers. If you hadn’t noticed it yet on my Instagram: I’m a fan of round sunglasses. Mine are from Komono. Like last Summer, you’ll definetly see them again in the upcoming months, right where they belong: on the streets.

Tee – Sunglasses – Shoes


Photos by Ascari Mertens

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