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Cause We All Like Sports, Right?

The sportswear industry boomed last year & will continue this trend in 2017. Hoodies were embraced by all high-end fashion brands and even the Adidas track pants set a revival. This all turned the latter, together with Nike, into economic fashion giants (even more than before). But how did this all happen?

Well, retail as high-end brands showed sportswear isn’t only made for guys in the gym and skaters. Fashion labels started to combine the easy-going fabrics with the esthetic aspect of every-day clothes and called it ‘Athleisure’ clothing. A fancy word for workout clothes to execute daily activities. One of the first sportswear inspired collections which was all over social media, was the one from Wang & the Swedish fast fashion brand, H&M. The trend will pass on in 2017. Designers showed nylon pieces, super-fine cricket sweaters and hiking anoraks (Versace) during fashion week. For sure, the trend won’t fade away quickly. In the beginning of this year, Vetements made clear wearing tracksuits is cool AF. They brought Champion and Juicy Couture back to the catwalk. Wanna buy some less expensive alternatives? Check out the site of Topman or River Island.

Adidas and Nike, as mentioned before, are not the only global sportswear brands which are taking their place on the market. Reebok started its revival lately with some of their classic masterpieces. Red, white and black are the dominant colors. Another large competitor on the market is Puma. Over the past few months, they greatly invested in social media campaigns and set up a world-known ‘Fenty x Puma’ collab with Rihanna. After hosting a very exclusive release-event last year in New York, her ‘Creeper’ sneaker became the must-have shoe of 2016. Some other interesting sportswear collabs were Puma x Daily Paper, Raf Simons x Adidas and Ricardo Tisci x Nike. Make sure to check these out!

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  1. I feel like FILA is coming back in a big way too !

    Growing up FILA were pretty darn big, then sorted faded out there for a while but I’ve been seeing more and more in the streetwear rounds as of late and deservedly so! Good fits as always mate


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